Is it possible to do Transit media advertising in Upcountry areas?

Safaricom “ONE REGION, ONE MPESA” Up country Bus branding
Azam Up country Bus branding in Kenya
ABSA Up country Bus branding in Kenya


The Beauty of Transit Media Advertising is that it simply cannot be ignored, turned off or tuned out. It is big, loud and unapologetic. It is also a very important medium that reaches out to people of all ages, races, backgrounds and incomes. Whether you are riding in your own vehicle or walking to your various destinations, this is the perfect way to get your message out.

You are also not just addressing riders with these majestic “moving billboards” but also reaching out to families, professionals in their vehicles, students shopping or right on campus, and tourists finding their way around town. It also offers flexibility in ad sizes, locations as well as a varied audience. There’s so much you can do with our transit media platform. Try it, Try Us.!!!

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