Philmax Ventures has broadly invested in large format billboards and street pole Ad box infrastructure covering all major towns, busy roads and intersections in Kenya to increase your brand visibility.

This is an outdoor branding investment you would make if you want your brand to look its best in all weather, anytime of day. We customize 3-D images at competitive rates for clients seeking high impact billboards.

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Street Pole Advertising

Street Pole Ads are an extremely cost-effective and high exposure form of advertising. It’s like having your own sales team on the ground, permanently, driving people towards your product or service.

We provide a sequence of normal and reflective street poles for the products being advertised in your outdoor campaigns to draw more attention from your audience establishing brand awareness.

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Street Furniture Advertising

Street Furniture Advertising provides the ideal opportunity to drive your brand into the minds of commuters, pedestrians and motorists. Located throughout city centers, suburbs and rural areas, Street Furniture Advertising delivers point-of-sale and top of mind awareness. An added bonus is the positive contribution this medium provides to the community.

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