Taxi Branding By Philmax Ventures Limited
Taxi branding is the latest and most creative form of transit media advertising in Kenya.The Taxi Hailing App sector in Kenya has attained almost 600,000 active customers in Kenya, and is ranked as the third most preferred mode of Transport in Africa according to the  latest statistics. People are using Taxis for the shorter errands within the city at a price point that is convenient ,enabling them more trips around Nairobi and it’s environs. People are also able to select the types of rides they want to take with different apps offering different price points for different vehicles such as Uber X, Uber SELECT, Bolt lite and Bolt protect.The time spend on the road ranges between 18 – 24 Hrs a day.
Taxis target to reach out to your Potential customers in a brand New and Creative way though disruptive  and relatable creatives. The Potential customers for your products are the 5 Million Kenyan motorists and pedestrians who  pass through the major Kenyan Highways daily. For most brands who would like to do a targeted form of Transit Media Advertising, this would be the most recommended way to go. Taxis move from offices, to malls, to estates making them easy to spot and this also means that they are not confined to specific routes like buses. Isn’t this a great way to maximize on Visibility for your products, services and brands?
Invest in Taxi Branding Advertising today and tell the world your brand story !!!