About Us

Philmax Ventures Limited is a dynamic and innovative company which is taking Advertising to the next level. We help our clients to increase customer awareness for their products and services through our various PSV transit advertising platforms and University/Campus Branding. We also specialize in Large Format and High resolution printing as well as Branding.

Why Philmax Media?

We help companies grow their Revenues and/or Awareness

We create awareness and solidify client’s stake in Kenyan Market. Our medium is repetitive and easily inspires the call to action to purchase.  We ensure Quality branding, effective campaign strategies and timely reports.

With access to over 100 buses in all the major towns and cities in Kenya, our platform guarantees exposure to over 7 M people residing and traveling through these regions.

Why Transit Media Advertising

Transit media advertising is one of the most innovative platforms in outdoor advertising; it ensures coverage on all major highways and high traffic routes. The buses take your message out to commercial and residential areas giving the mobile billboard effect.

Bus Branding has proven to be an effective mode of transit media advertising in Kenya. This is largely due to the lively matatu culture that has made the industries’ influence and impact on the Kenyan urban culture undisputable.

With over 8 years of experience in the advertising industry, Philmax Ventures has risen steadily to establish itself as the No. 1 transit media advertising company in Kenya.

Over the years, we have worked with and gained trust of major brands by maintaining high quality delivery.

With an in-house, state of the art large format printer and a dedicated team of professionals working round the clock, we consistently meet and surpass our clients’ expectations.