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We are a dynamic and innovative company which is taking Advertising to the next level. We help our clients to increase customer awareness for their products and services through our various PSV transit advertising platforms and University/Campus Branding.

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Why Transit Media Advertising?

  • Cost Effective – Compared to other forms of advertising, Transit /Bus Branding campaigns offer the greatest value for money.
  • High frequency & repetition – SPAs allow sequential booking of buses going to different sites on multiple roads. This means potential customers will repeatedly see the adverts several times a day.
  • Offers targeted marketing – Locations can be handpicked in specific areas thus limiting high wastage that comes with large format highway billboards.
  • Close to point of purchase – The more repetitive the advert, the more likely people are going to be influenced to take the call to action and purchase.
  • Creatively versatile – They are generally flighted in three or more, which allows for more exposure & extended room for creativity.

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